A precedent in the Petroleum and Biofuels Markets

Since developing successful process technology and range of specialized additives and synthetic oils for the commercial sector in 1986, we revolutionized our technology and products to set a precedent in the Renewable Energy and Petroleum Value Chain, from Midstream to consumer markets.

Our history dating back 20-years with Shell, Honeywell, and BAE Systems, enabled us to develop technology, specialty additives and synthetic lubricants toward achieving Net Zero Emissions.

Our Diesel Fuel Additive is laboratory tested and approved by MTU, owned by Rolls-Royce Power Systems, and aligned with their plans, our decarbonization strategy will allow us to become a net zero carbon company across our value chain by 2050.

Our Current Project


Our world-leading Products and Technology have delivered proven results in both the Renewable Fuel Sector and Petroleum Value Chain to ensure a cleaner and healthier future for the people of the world…

From our MTU (Owned by Rolls-Royce Power Systems) Laboratory Tested and Approved Diesel Fuel Additive all the way through to our other world-leading Gasoline Additives, Marine Fuel Additives and Graphene Engine Lubricants, we set a precedent in all the sectors we operate in.

We solidify our efforts and results through Innovative Process Technology, ensuring optimum fuel quality in all Renewable Fuels and Petroleum Fuels for public consumption up to complex and specialized Military applications, including Agriculture, Mining, Marine, and many other specialized applications.

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